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Face Book Page Promote, Post Boost and Marketing.

School College Dynamic Website

School College And Madrasha Dynamic Website with .edu.bd Domain.

E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website Make Easy to Business Run

Website Design and Development

SINAN Informatics Design operates as a start-up when it comes to web development.


SINAN Informatics may purchase domain names on behalf of the Client.


We offer 100% Up time, multi-language, user-friendly control panel called cPanel with all of our hosting plans. Languages supported are English, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian & Bulgarian.

SINAN Informatics is a group of highly motivated and well experienced professionals, who are capable of providing high quality web-based internet applications, electronic businesses or social network services, cost-effective complete web solutions, including complex database integrated websites, e-commerce websites, intranet development and website maintenance solutions. We offer comprehensive service in the field of web application development and maintenance. Our clients in various business and IT fields, who are now using the websites created by SINAN Informatics’s team, bear testimony to our expertise.

                 alam  Development Technologies
                        J2EE / JSP, J Developer, .NET, C#, VB, VC++,Crystal, Python, Ruby, PHP, Web script

                 alam  Database
                        Oracle, MS SQL, SQL Server, Sybase

                 alam  Operating System
                        MS Windows, UNIX/LINUX, Novel Netware, MAC

Our experienced technical crew offers website design and web applications in various platforms.

Our Team’s web development services include:

                 SINAN    Web Solutions in internet and intranet.

                 SINAN    Website application development and Maintenance.

                 SINAN    E-commerce business development and web portals.

                 SINAN    Client-side/server-side coding.

                 SINAN    Content Management System using Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Pligg, Moodle etc.